Fitness411Bootcamp (F411B):

How long is the bootcamp program?
Each bootcamp session lasts six weeks.

How long is a workout?
The workouts last anywhere between 45 minutes to one hour.

How often does bootcamp meet each week?
F411B meets four days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

What is the cost of boot camp?
Our boot camp sessions are 6 weeks long which is two weeks longer than most camps. You pay only $279 for a six week session. However, the bigger savings is our monthly plan of $139/month. There are no long term contracts. You can cancel at any time with a written notice 30 days prior to deduction date. Beginning Feb 20, 2012, there will be a non refundable registration fee in the amount of $49.

Can I start in the middle of a six week session?
Although we will allow you to begin in the middle of a session, it is best to begin the bootcamp program at the start of a new session, because your progress is measured throughout each session. Starting in the middle of a session can skew your results.

How much weight can I expect to loose during a six week session?
Weight loss varies from person to person. A healthy average is approximately 1-3 pounds per week. However, your eating habits play a very important role. You will receive nutritional guidance along the way. If you follow the program, you will definitely feel and see results.

Can I eat whatever I want as long as I exercise?
Nutrition and exercise work hand in hand. If your goal is to get fit, you should also follow the F411B nutritional guidelines. F411B provides all the information you need to get on the right track.

Can I continue after the completion of a six week session?
Yes! The majority of our campers return after their first six week session. This is definitely encouraged as hopefully you will treat this as a lifestyle. There are campers who have been with F411B since its inception in 2007 who are still being challenged everyday!

What if I have to miss a workout?
You are expected to exercise anyway! You need to stay committed and keep your eye on the prize! You will receive a F411B manual which gives you several options of exercises.

How do I prepare for a F411B session?
No extra preparation is needed. F411B meets you at your level. Simply come as you are!

What do I need to bring to a workout?

  • Workout mat (the thicker the better)
  • Towel
  • Water
  • 5-8 lb weights
  • Positive attitude


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