F411B is a six week fitness program that focuses on overall health through physical activity and nutritional guidelines in a community setting. The workouts use circuits and interval training with a variety of equipment and exercises making no two sessions the same. Nutritional guidance is provided through daily coaching and encouragement as well as the F411B Daily Nutrition Log & Guide. F411B is personal training in a group setting which fosters relationships and commitment to the program.

  • 6-week program
  • Circuits and intervals
  • Strength training, cardio, flexibility and balance

Cost Comparison:

How much is a gym membership and personal trainer?

  Gym initiations fee:$100
  Monthly membership:$40
  24 sessions with a trainer:$720
  *Total cost:$860

How much is F411B?

  Camper rate (per 6 weeks):$279
  Monthly rate: $139

Total cost savings:

  Camper rate:$581
  Monthly rate:$651

*Gym and trainer costs are approximate as fees vary.

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